Dominos transnational meeting Ljubljana 2023

Dominos transnational meeting Ljubljana 2023

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The transnational meeting of Erasmus+ Dominos project was hold in Ljubljana on March 23 and 24. Participants from 6 European universities discussed the advancement of the project and the work plan of the second year of the project.

Great achievements are done during the first year of the project, the creation of stations for OSCEs training, the evaluation survey  and specially the establishment of the website and the platform for the project. This successful first year was done thanks to the full involvement of all participants and the exceptional efforts of work packages leaders.

Parentships with Media Touch, Zoom, and VTS were discussed and  validated, Indispensable technical support and technology solutions are offered by our partners and  will allow to success the educational objectives.

Big thanks to the organisation committee form Ljubljana University for the warm hospitality, the prefect time management and for the social program.   The meeting is ended with fruitful outcomes and positive vibes for the second year of the project.